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Spelling Talent Search (M4M Spelling Contest)


This competition aims to help people improve spelling skills and improve vocabulary through logic training - especially through fun and simple M4M image learning:

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An example of the game shown:


Rule of competition: 

Precepts and Regulations:

1. **During the competition, everything is from your anamnesis. **

2. Each word, you write the definition, then you write part of the word. For example:

Definition        Part of the word

Hesitation       *mu*   ( in the middle of the word) or

Hesitation       d*       ( at beginning of the word) or

Hesitation       *r        ( at the end of the word)

Then the other contestants try to figure out what the word is. The word is demur.

3. Each definition you put for the contestants to figure out what the word is, put your name on the side. For instance:

Definition      Part of the word      Your name (who makes up the word)


 tirade                        ha*                   From incognito or - incognito

Then whichever contestant gets the word right put your name next to your answer. Such as:

Definition       Part of the word    Your name(who makes up the word)

tirade                        ha*                   From incognito or  - incognito

 word you answer     Your name(who answers the word)
harangue                     From Molly or - Molly

4. Every contestant must give out a definition. For instance, if there are four people in the contest, then there should be four definitions on the Goggle Hangout. This way we won’t have to keep on tarrying for contestants to figure out what one word is. Each person should have one definition on the Goggle Hangout, and you have to maintain one definition at all times. You will have to pay attention to the definition you gave to see if any other contestants answers.

Definition      Part of the word      Your name(who makes up the word)
to imitate              *mu*                     -Isabella

allay                       *ss*                      -Jack

allay                       *it*                       -John

criticize                  *ni*                      -Molly

** You may not make a noun plural or add an s to a verb to get more points.**

Point Counting Precepts:


  • a.           The contestant who gives out the definition      gets one point. (Refer to Precepts and Regulations 5)
  • b.           The contestant who answers correctly gets      one point.

 2. There can be a variety of answers. But it all depends on 

what the contestant who gave out the definition has in mind. 

For example:

Definition     Part of the word    Your name(who makes up the word)
allay                     *at*                      -incognito

word you answer       Your name(who answers the word)
mitigate                       - Anne
alleviate                       - Mary

But if the word the contestant who was thinking was mitigate, 

then both of the contestants who answered get points because 

both of the answers fulfill *at*, and it’s the same policy. (Refer

to point precepts 1)

At the end of the contest, we will divulge the person who has 

the most points. If you would like to copy the contents in the 

competition, please do before the next competition because 

we will erase the contents before the next competition. 

If you have any more questions about this contest, please contact

me at: Thank you!

Course information