M4M Image Learning Method


You can purchase our image learning books to experience our M4M image learning method, which allows you to visualize your vocabulary and turn any unknown word into a picture so that you can remember it forever; not to mention it is also a logical and one-time memory training.  Designed for learners, the M4MILM books have the following key features:  1. The whole training step can't have the factor of rote memorization, because rote memorization must be forgotten anyway. 2. In this method we use image learning suitable for humans as a factor. 3. We focus on one-time memory training. It is an important key to understanding the shortcomings of people who are learning M4M learning methods. This can speed up the time for learners to master methods. 4. In a subtle way, the method is designed to educate learners on how to use logic to learn. In case you don't know how to use these books to develop your own abilities as described above, this means you need to take our foundation course. For course information, click the button below.

#m4milm will enable you to learn a word in few seconds.

If you know the word "root" then you can learn the following words:

 loot -> tool -> fool -> loof -> roof -> roofs -> roots -> stoor -> stool -> loots -> roofed -> rooted -> looted 

-> roofer -> rooter -> looter -> retool -> retools -> retooled   immediately by learning M4MILM .

You can purchase "Image Learning Book 1 Basic " by clicking on "Buy Books"

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購買後,您將收到一本電子書。 After checking out, you will receive a digital book.

购买后,您将收到一本电子书。 After checking out, you will receive a digita

After checking out, you will receive a digital book.