Applications of M4MILM

If mastering M4MILM, you can easily explore any aspect of the knowledge of the universe.

" A small discrepancy leads to a huge loss" (失之毫厘,差之千里) is an old Chinese proverb. This can be used to emphasize the importance of basic learning. We all know that buildings without good foundations will collapse. Going to school is the same. Without a good foundation, learning in each subject will become more and more difficult, and the main cause is rote memorization. How do you know that you are not rote? You can find the answer by performing the following simple tests.  1. After taking the exam, you will forget most of what you have learned.  2. There is no reason to remember the vocabulary or knowledge and forget it, once, without using it for a little while.  3. If you can't improvise what you have learned without reference to the original learning resources.  4. If you can read and understand the words in the newspaper, but you can't write them down when you need them.   If you have any of the above experiences, it means that you are learning by rote.

Fortunately, M4MILM is designed to teach learners logical thinking rather than rote memorization.   The following are the key features of M4MILM:  1. The whole training step can't have the factor of rote memorization, because most of the knowledge gained by rote memorization will be forgotten anyway. 2. In this method we use image learning suitable for humans as a factor. 3. We focus on one-time memory training. It is an important key to understanding the shortcomings of people who are learning M4M learning methods. This can speed up the time for learners to master methods. 4. In a subtle way, the method is designed to educate learners on how to use logic to learn. Once you have mastered the learning method, you have the ability to teach yourself. Please refer to its applications as follows:


If you know the word "deer" and #m4milm, you can learn the word "reed" in a matter of seconds.

M4MILM Application 1


Memorizing the chemical element symbols

How to apply the English word to remember the chemical element symbol. For example, if you know how to spell almond, nice and cup, then you can immediately remember the following chemical symbols, namely Al, Mo, Nd, Ni, Ce, Cu and P. Because the spelling of the word limits the number of the symbols in each word, it can help you remember chemical symbols more efficiently. With the help of M4MILM, you may remember them for a long time or forever and don't need to use the rote memorization.

M4MILM Application 2


Learning mathematics

M4MILM aims to awaken the potential of people's latent minds. For example, remembering every word must be learned from his/her basic knowledge in logic rather than rote. It is like learning mathematics, he/she gets more in-depth ideas from his/her foundation. He/she must understand the source of the formula before using it. At least one person needs to know the formula he/she just remembered, and then take the time to figure out how to get them.

M4MILM Application 3


Learning touch typing

How to learn touch typing in a short time? First, people need to be able to remember the entire keyboard layout format. If you just use muscle memory to learn touch typing, it not only takes a relatively long time, but it also tends to produce symptoms of fast input by the right hand compared to the left hand, and vice versa. How to test your touch typing is not using muscle memory? Try not to refer to the keyboard, but try to write the entire keyboard layout format. If you can't. This means that you have learned touch typing through muscle memory. Therefore, one can use M4MILM to simply memorize the entire keyboard layout format.

M4MILM Application 4


Remembering people's names

Remembering people's names is a very important skill. Compared with the memory vocabulary, which one do you think is more difficult? Most people think that the former one is more difficult. On the contrary, the latter is more difficult. Since remembering the name you need to first create a definition of that person to link with his/her name. Therefore, in order to remember a person's name without forgetting, the first step is to master M4MILM in order to be able to remember the vocabulary and then practice creating a definition of that person to link with his/her name.

M4MILM Application 5


Remembering numbers

Usually, numbers have no meaning other than a few, such as birthdays, addresses, and phone numbers. To remember numbers without patterns, such as Pi - 3.141592653..., first, we need to make it meaningful. One way is to create a conversion table between numbers and text. Please refer to the figure above for an example of a conversion table. You can permanently record Pi to 10 decimal places, as long as you can remember "Dear! is Alice, Oh! God" According to the conversion table, "Dear! is Alice, Oh! God" can be mapped to "3xx14!x15 x9x2x, x6! 5x3". Therefore, memorizing text is the key to remembering numbers, and M4MILM is one of the ways to choose to remember text.

M4MILM Application 6



What do you eat for breakfast?



 What do you eat for lunch? 



 What do you eat for dinner? 

A simple test to detect if you have dementia

Take pictures of events that happened the day before, such as meals, or things you have done.

Dementia can lead people to not find their way home. It seems that it suddenly happened. However, it was developed by its patients without the notification. An easy way for you to test if you have dementia. As shown above, you can take photos of the  meals you have eaten the day before and recall them and compare them to the photos the next day. If you have a lot of discrepancy, then you have symptoms of dementia. If you can detect them in the earlier stage, you can try our M4MILM method to restore your brain function back. If you can remember most of the meals, then you can do the same test  every month or two. All in all, it is very important to find the symptomatic dementia early. M4MILM can help you treat dementia because it trains people's recalling abilities of their short-term memory. Without this ability, people cannot learn.

M4MILM Application 7


Excavating thinking ability from childhood

Learning how to reason is very important. Especially since childhood, people will think logically and stop their learning through rote memorization. By practicing M4MILM,  children can develop the habit of thinking logically without going through rote learning to study subjects. Ask yourself, are your Arabic number and your English alphabet remembered in a logical or rote way? If you have no way of explaining how you remember them, then the way you remember them is by rote memorization.  Here are two videos: the first is how to remember Arabic numbers and the other is how to learn English letters. Try to learn both videos through logic instead of rote.

Find out the logic of the video

Don't learn this video by rote memorization? Try to find out the logic that the learning order is 7014869235. Can you use your own logic to create your own learning sequence for Arabic numbers?

Find out the logic of the video

Don't learn this video by rote learning? Try to find out the logic of the learning order and the grouping of English letters. Can you create your own learning sequence for your English letters with your own logic?

M4MILM Application 8


Strengthening English basics with M4MILM

Having a strong vocabulary is an important factor in becoming a good speaker or writer. The foundation of having a powerful short word is the key to having a powerful vocabulary because a long word can be divided into short words. With M4M single-letter insertion rules and choosing the right short words, it's very easy and fun to remember any words. M4MILM enables learners to learn vocabulary in minutes, such as leet, seel, retem, and plew, without the need to memorize. Enriching English vocabulary becomes not a difficult and impossible task if one uses M4MILM logic in the mirror word examples below.