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Let #m4milm help you achieve a successful future

#m4milm will enable you to learn a word in few seconds.

If you know the word "feel" then you can learn the following words:

feel → feer → reef→ reet → leet → teel → teels→ sleet

leet → leets → steel → steer etc.  immediately by learning M4MILM .

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About Our Method

Images plus reasoning


M4MILM does not pay attention to only remember the answer, but how to remember the logical process of the answer.

Course Information

The importance of basic knowledge


If you know the following facts, the meaning of evanescence is that "the process of vanishing or fading away" becomes so simple: Ev (meaning age as a prefix) + An (meaning not prefixed) + Escence- (meaning condition as a suffix).

Features of M4MILM


  • Using sporadic time
  • Calculating the progress of self-memory
  • Developing critical thinking skills
  • Cultivating the ability to perform inferences

Learning M4MILM is like learning 123


In M4MILM, learning to memorize words is the same as to memorize sentences, but memorizing words is the basic practice of memorizing sentences.

M4MILM courses


Optional courses apply only to people who lack the ability to perform inferences.

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M4MIlM Video


One Time Memorization (How to use the Image Learning Books)

How M4MILM Can Help Children Learn 0..9

Children can learn the natural logic of Arabic numerals from the shape of the nose and immediately remember how to write  them.  

Please think about whether your Arabic numbers are remembered in logic or by rote?

How M4MILM helps you learn English Alphabet

Is your English alphabet remembered in logic or by rote? The following is a method that we provides from the 0,1,2,3,7,8, cone and cup shape, learning the natural logic of the English alphabet.

Put it to the test


It is important to absorb the basics of our method and apply it, and then it  becomes really simple  to remember the following data without rote. Of course, you can also try to remember it with your method then to compare the difference.

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